The more practice you have, the more safely you ride. For returnees or simply to get better. What is important is that you get the right feeling for your motorcycle. Qualified BMW Motorrad instructors train you on how to safely operate your own bike. Practical exercises ensure a high degree of learning success and riding enjoyment. Here, you will train for surprising everyday and hazardous situations. At the end, you will move more confidently through urban traffic. For even more fun and safety when motorcycling.



On the safe side in Germany, Austria and Spain.  

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iTravel iTraining.

iTravel iTraining.

When riding school ends, training with experienced instructors begins – worldwide.  

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Riding Experience.

The BMW Riding Experience in the Maisach Driving Academy prepares you for fast lane changes and surprising everyday situations on two wheels.

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Trezește-te la viață în fiecare dimineață, cu motorul pornit.

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